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About Diobox Badge Printing
About Diobox Badge Printing
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With the Diobox iOS app, you can print badges for your guests to make guest check-in and tracking easier for your team members, and enable hands-free networking for your guests. You can track guest check-ins as they walk in and out of the sessions, and your guests can scan each other’s QR codes to swap virtual business cards.

Printing badges overview

Diobox badge printing is flexible. We support some of the most popular label printers over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for wireless printing.

Before you can print badges, you must first set up your printer and, optionally, customize the badge. See these articles for more help.

You can print badges in three ways:

Your auto-print setting, printer selection, and template selection are saved to your device and apply to the current event only.

Automatically print badges during check-in

You can configure Diobox to print a guest badge automatically whenever a guest is checked in to your event. The badge will print automatically when the guest is checked in, either by scanning a QR Code, or by using the Check In button of Guest view.

To set your device to automatically print a badge when a guest is checked in:

Open Event Tools, and select Badge Printing.

Toggle Auto-Print on Check-In to on.

Now, whenever you a guest in checked in, a badge will automatically be printed.

If you do not want badges to print automatically, toggle Auto-Print on Check-In to off.

Manually print a badge for a single guest

There are times when you need to print a badge for a single guest, such as an additional copy.

To print a badge for single guest:

  • Ensure the correct printer and badge template are selected in Event Tools > Badge Printing.

  • Navigate to the guest who you want to print the badge for.

  • In the guests's detail view, tap the Options button, then tap Print Badge.

Bulk print multiple badges

You can pre-print badges for all or a sub-set of your guests.

Note: For large events, it's best to break the printing of badges up into smaller batches of 100–200 badges at a time.

To batch print badges:

Step 1. Ensure there is sufficient label tape in the printer.

Step 2. In the main view of your guests, if you want to limit printing to a particular guest list, first select that list.

Step 3. Tap the More button, then tap either Select Multiple to select some guests in the list, or tap Select All to select all guests in the list.

If selecting multiple guests, but not all, tap the individual guests to select them.

Step 4. Tap the Action button, then Print Badge.

If necessary, select the printer and template to use. (Note that these selections do not change the settings when printing automatically or manually.)

Step 5. Tap the Continue button.

Step 6. Tap Print in the print status view. The status view shows you the progress of the print job. If you need to pause printing for any reason, select Pause, the Resume when you are ready to continue printing.

Note: While printing, it is important to leave Diobox open (do not switch to another app) and do not turn off the screen.

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