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Guest Check-In Overview and Features
Guest Check-In Overview and Features

Learn how to check-in guests on the Diobox web app and iOS app

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On event day, you can browse, search or scan guest QR codes to process their check-in. You’ll be able to check-in each guest (or their plus-ones) multiple times and track their location. For select guests, you can also set alerts so that your team is notified upon arrival of those guests.

This article describes the different ways you can use Diobox to check in your guests:

Supported Devices

iOS App

The Diobox iPhone and iPad apps are optimized for the check-in process. They provide check-in features for search, swipe and QR scanning.

Web App

The Diobox web app ( also provides complete check-in functionality; however, QR scanning is only available from the Diobox iOS app.

Check In a Guest

Once you have the right guest selected, find the Check In button at the bottom of the page. When you check in a guest, the button turns into a solid green color with a checkmark.

Every time a guest is checked in, it is logged in their activity list, which includes the exact time of the check-in, the location, as well as the team member who checked the guest in.

Delete a Check-In

You can remove accidental or duplicate check-in records.

To remove a check-in, click the specific check-in record you want to delete from the guest activity list. Then, you will see a popup with a Delete option.

Check In by Search

Go to the Guests tab and use the search field on top to find a guest by their name, title, company, address, notes, or any other custom fields.

After you perform a search, you will see one or more guests returned in the results page. If too many guests are returned, try narrowing down your search query.

Check In by Browse

Use the Guest List dropdown menu to find guests grouped by their confirmation statuses or assigned guest list tags.

Slide to Check In

The Diobox iOS app provides a shortcut that allows you to slide the guest name to check them in. This means you can check in the guest without even having to select them. It works on the search results page or on any guest list.

To check in, slide the guest name from left to right, which will reveal the “Check In” message.

The guest’s avatar will turn green or outline their profile picture in green. This way, you can skip the guest profile screen and quickly manage the check-in process for large crowds.

Scan QR Code to Check In

The most convenient and efficient way to check in your guests is by using the QR Scanner that is built into the Diobox mobile app. Navigate to the Tools tab to find the QR Scanner.

Learn more about QR scanning: How to Scan Guest QR Codes at Your Event

Other Key Check-In Features

Diobox offers a comprehensive suite of check-in features. Refer to our Guest Check-Ins Section for a list of articles, including:

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