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How to Scan Guest QR Codes at Your Event

Using the QR Scanner in the Diobox iOS app

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Use the built-in QR scanner on the Diobox iOS app to track guest check-ins. The QR scanner can perform search and check-in simultaneously, enabling your team to process guest arrivals quickly and effortlessly.

This articles includes the following topics:

Launching the QR Scanner

The QR Scanner is built into the Diobox iPad and iPhone app. Navigate to the Tools tab to find the QR Scanner.

QR Scanner Settings

QR Scanner Settings can be accessed from the Tools tab or by clicking the settings icon while scanning.

Note: QR Scanner Settings are saved per device, so you can have different devices with different scanner settings at the same event. Also, the settings are unique to the event, since different events have different guest lists, team members, and check-in requirements.

Working Offline

Because Diobox uses core technologies of iOS, the QR scanning process can work entirely offline. So if your internet connection drops off, you will be able to continue guest check-ins without any issues.

Scanning Modes

The QR Scanner offers 2 scanning modes:

  • Search & Check In: This mode continuously scans QR codes and checks the guest in to your event. If there's ever an error or action required, you will be prompted accordingly.

  • Search Only: This mode always brings up the guest profile when a QR code is scanned (no check-in will be performed). This requires the door staff to review every guest and manually click Check In to permit the guest.

The default scanning mode is Search & Check In, but you can change this in your QR Scanner Settings.

During Search & Check In, a banner with the guest name and photo appears on the top of the screen for about 5 seconds.

Tip: You can always click this guest banner to bring up the guest profile during the QR scanning process.

Check-In Restrictions

There are 3 settings for specifying which guests should be checked in:

  • All Guests: This option checks in every guest included in the event.

  • Confirmed Guests Only: Limits guest check-ins for guests with a Confirmation Status of Confirmed. This ensures that only guests who confirmed their RSVPs or purchased a ticket can be allowed into the event. Learn more about the Guest Confirmation Status.

  • Specific Guest List: You can select a Guest List and limit check-ins to guests tagged with that Guest List. This is useful when you want to allow a subset of your guests to a specific area or session within your event. For example, you can allow your sponsors to enter the backstage by scanning the QR codes on a device which only allows attendees with the Sponsor guest list.

Duplicative Scans

By default, if a QR code is scanned more than once, a popup alerts your door staff that the guest has already been checked in. This prevents fraudulent or duplicative QR codes from being scanned multiple times.

Because the Diobox data is sync'ed in realtime (when there is an internet connection), this behavior occurs regardless of the device. So if two identical QR codes are scanned on 2 difference devices, the second device will show the alert.

You can override this behavior in your QR Settings under the section titled If the same QR code is scanned again and selecting Process New Check-In.

When the same QR code is scanned more than once, an alert prompts the door staff to take action relating to the guest check-in.


If your device has a flashlight, you can turn it on and off by selecting the flash icon in the bottom-right of the screen. Your flashlight may improve the scanning performance in dark environments.

Switching Cameras

You can switch between the main rear camera and the front (Selfie) camera by clicking camera icon in the bottom.

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