The Plus-One feature allows you specify and track how many additional guests your guest will bring to the event. Changing the plus-ones value affects the total headcount, even though this field does not represent a real guest. This is useful when you do not know the plus-one's name(s) and therefore you don't have to create individual guest profiles.

Change the plus-one allowance

You can view and edit the number of plus-ones a guest is allowed to bring on their profile.

  1. Select the guest.

  2. Tap the Plus-Ones button near the top-right of the profile.

  3. Click the up or down arrow buttons to change the allowed plus-ones, with the option to specify the plus-one gender.

Check-in a plus-one

To check in a plus-one, tap the +1 button to the right of the main check-in button on the guest profile page. Then tap the + button.

One benefit of using this feature is that you can check in a plus-one with or without the actual guest present, which means the plus-one can be checked in independently before or after the actual guest.

Identify plus-one and guest check-ins

In the guest activity, notice the check-in title and the icon to distinguish which check-in corresponds to a guest versus a plus-one.

See plus-one allowances in the guest list view

You can always find the total plus-one allowance for each guest to the right of their name when viewing any guest list.

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