Multiple Check-Ins

Checking in a guest multiple times

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You can track multiple check-ins for each guest. This is useful if you have multi-day multi-session events and want to retain the different times attendees leave and return.

This article is specifically about multiple check-ins. To learn more about the general Diobox check-in features, see: Guest Check-In Overview and Features

Multiple Check-Ins is also compatible with: Check-In Locations (Event Sessions).

Multiple Check-ins with Search/Browse

If checking in from the guest profile page, click the checkmark button, which will show a popup of existing check-ins with an option to “Check In Again.”

Multiple Check-ins with QR Code

If the same QR Code is scanned more than once to track a second check-in, an alert is shown with a few actions. Select “Check-In Again” to track subsequent check-ins for that guest.

For more information on QR Codes, see: How to Scan Guest QR Codes at Your Event.

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