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Check-In Locations (Event Sessions)
Check-In Locations (Event Sessions)

Checking guests into different event locations or event sessions

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Check-In Locations have two primary use cases:

  1. Check in guests by their physical location (i.e. Main Entrance, Backstage, etc.)

  2. Check in guests into different event sessions (i.e. Reception, Screening, After-Party, etc.)

Create a New Check-In Location

Go to your Event Settings.

Then select Check-In Locations and click the + Add Location button.

You can create as many Event Locations as you'd like.

Check In a Guest into an Event Location

Select the guest click the location marker to the left of the check-in button. You will notice all the Check-In Locations you have created in the previous step.

Choose the desired Event Location in the popup menu.

Next, click Check-In or the checkmark button, like a regular check-in. You can track multiple check-ins per guest if you click the green Check-In button again. To learn more, Multiple Check-Ins.

Notice that a new check-in record is created in the Guest Activity with the date, time, and the Check-In Location.

Note: Once you select a Check-In Location, that location will persist for all future check-ins on a single device until you select the location again to deselect it or change the location. This is true for any check-in method (including clicking the check-in button, swiping right on the guest name, or scanning a QR code).

Deselect a Check-In Location

To change the Check-In Location state (to deselect or remove that location), click that location name again.

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