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Creating and Customizing Badges
Creating and Customizing Badges
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With the Diobox iOS app, you can design and customize badges for your events. The entire badge-creation and design process takes a few taps without ever needing a computer. There are a variety of options and layouts, including QR codes for guests and logos for your event.

Badges can contain specific event and guest information and are synchronized at the account level, so you can design a template once and use it for multiple events.

Customizing a Badge Template

To start, select Event Tools, then Badge Printing.

You will see all of your existing templates listed. Many default layouts are provided. You can select an existing template and modify its details, or start with a new template to customize. To add a new template, tap + Add Template at the bottom of the list and pick a new layout.

The currently-selected template has a blue checkmark next to it. A large preview of it is shown at the bottom of the list. You can review the selected template, or print a sample, by tapping the Preview Badge button at the bottom of the page.

To modify the badge template, tap the Edit Details button.

Change the name

You can change the name of the template at the top. (The orientation and size of the layout are determined by the template and cannot be changed.)

Change the text fields

Each Badge layout usually includes 2โ€“4 lines of text based on variables (such as the guest's name or event name) or static text. Tap a line to view its configuration options.

For some text fields, you can configure its font, style, and color. Each text field can be set to display one of these fields:

  • Event Name

  • Full Name

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Company

  • Job Title

  • Email

  • Table/Row

  • Table/Row & Seat

  • Ticket Type

  • Guest List

  • Static Text - the same copy across all badges using this template

If you do not want to display the text field on the badge, toggle Print Line to off.

Once you are done, press the back button in the top left and finish customizing your badge.

Change the logo

Some templates include a Logo field that can be used for displaying an image, such as a company logo. Tap Logo to view its configuration options.

If there is already an image and you wish to change it, tap the Change button. Alternately, if there is not an image and you want to add one, tap the Add Image button.

You can select an image from your device's Photo Library, or from the iOS file system, which means you can upload files from your iCloud Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive and any other locations you connect to your device.

For best results, choose an image that is only black and white, in either JPEG or PNG formats, with the largest dimension at least 720 pixels. For images with transparency, choose a PNG image.

If you want to turn off displaying the image, toggle Show Image to off.

Changing the QR code configuration

Badges for your guests can include a QR code. The same QR code can be used by the event organizer for checking in guests, and by anyone else to capture the guest's contact information.

For details on configuring the QR code for your badge, see our help article on it.

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