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How to Configure QR Codes on Your Badge
How to Configure QR Codes on Your Badge
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Badges for your guests can include a QR code. The same QR code can be used by the event organizer for checking in guests, and by anyone else to capture the guest's contact information.

  • Event organizers can scan the QR code to check in guests or track sessions.

  • Other guests can scan the QR code to exchange contact information with any smartphone camera. No app download is required β€” the QR code translates into a standard vCard format that can be added to the phone's address book.

You can configure the QR code format of the badge to only allow event organizers to check in the guests, or to allow both guest check-in and vCard contact exchange.

Badge QR code configuration

Event administrators can configure the format of the QR code.

In Event Tools, select Badge Printing.

Tap your template's Edit Details button.

Select QR Code to view the badge's QR code configuration.

Ensure Show QR Code is turned on. Alternately, if you do not want to display a QR code, change the toggle to off.

Tap the type of QR code you want to appear on the badge. The options are:

  • Guest Check-In

  • vCard Exchange & Gust Check-In

Understanding the difference between the QR Code types

Guest Check-In

This QR Code can only be used by the Diobox QR Scanner to check in guests.

Guest Check-In & vCard Exchange

This QR Code can be used by both the Diobox QR Scanner to check in guests and anyone else to facilitate the exchange of virtual business cards.

Any smartphone camera can scan these QR codes and add the guest contact info to its address book. No app download is necessary β€” the QR code translates into a standard vCard format.

The following guest fields will be included in the vCard:

  • Name

  • Title

  • Company

  • Email Address

  • Phone Number

Note: QR Codes that encapsulate the guest vCard data will be visually more condensed and may affect the overall speed and success of the scanning. Devices with older cameras may need to get closer to have a successful scan.

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