Get Started with Diobox

A brief self-onboarding guide

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Congratulations on signing up! Diobox is your all-in-one platform for seamlessly and efficiently manage the entire event lifecycle.

Here are the top 5 things you can to get started:

1. Confirm Your Email Address

Right after you sign up, you'll receive an automated email from [email protected] asking to confirm your email address. Please click the link in that email as that enables some functionality in your account. If you didn't receive that email, check your spam folder. Otherwise, return to your Dashboard and click Resend Confirmation Email.

2. Create Your First Event

Creating your first Diobox event is the first step to use Diobox and understand everything we have to offer. To begin, select Create First Event from the Events page.

3. Import Your Guests

If you already have a list of your guests, you can import them to Diobox in bulk using a CSV spreadsheet format. You can also add guests individually. For instructions, see the article below:

4. Download the iOS App

Our native iPhone and iPad app sets Diobox apart from the competition.

The Diobox iOS app is not just a check-in app โ€“ย it was designed to be fully functional and allows you to manage your event from start to finish.

Here are some of the key features of our iOS app:

  • Manage Guests

  • Scan QR Codes

  • Sell Tickets and Manage Orders

  • Process Payments through Point of Sale

  • Create Seating Charts and Assign Seats

  • Send Individual or Bulk Emails

  • Produce Badges and Print Name Tags

5. Check In Guests

One of the key requirements for every event is to manage guest arrivals in a systematic and efficient manner. With Diobox, you can check in your guests and track various data points.

Here are some useful articles for check-in:

If you have any questions while getting set up, reach the support team via email [email protected] or contact us directly via the Messenger while using the app.

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