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The Diobox Waitlist Form introduces a streamlined registration process for prospective guests, requiring them to initially apply and be placed on a waiting list. This system enables you, the event organizer, to review applications and decide to confirm or decline attendance based on your event's criteria.

The prospective guest experience during the waitlist registration process

Prospective guests can access the Waitlist Form via a direct link, through the Diobox Event Web Page, or by embedding it on your own website.

Upon submission of the form, guests will receive a confirmation email that includes a summary of their responses, ensuring them that they have been added to waitlist.

As the organizer, you will also receive a notification of each new application. You have the flexibility to confirm or reject applicants at any point before the event, individually or in bulk, using both the web and native iOS apps. Status changes prompt an option to send a confirmation email, which may include a QR code, or a rejection message.

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Create a New Waitlist Form

To create a new Waitlist Form, go to the Forms tab and click + Form on the upper-right hand side of the page.

Then select Waitlist from the list.

Set Form Availability & Attributes

Manage your waitlist form’s attributes as follows:

  • Name and Description: Specify the form’s name and description, which will be displayed on the Guest Portal, form listing pages, and the confirmation page.

  • Visibility: By default, all forms are public. They appear on the Guest Portal and in the form listing page. To make a form private, adjust the visibility field accordingly so it's accessible only through a direct link.

  • Closing Time: Specify when the form closes. By default, the form will close at the start of your event. Leave this field blank if you wish the form to remain open indefinitely.

  • Quantity: Set the maximum number of submissions allowed for this specific form. This field can also be left blank to accept an unlimited number of submissions.

  • Max per Submission: Limit the number of submissions per guest. This can be set to any number from 1 to 10.

Customizing Your Form

With the Diobox Form Builder, customize your form to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Add custom questions and content to enrich the user experience during the registration process.

For further details, refer to the article: Customizing Your Form.

Find All Waitlisted Guests

To view all guests currently on the waitlist, navigate to the Guests page and click the Guest List dropdown.

From there, select Waitlisted under the Segments section to display all individuals with waitlisted status.

Confirm Waitlisted Guests

Guests who have been waitlisted will be indicated with a yellow color tag on the Guests page. To update their confirmation status, change their Confirmation Status.

You will be prompted to confirm the action and will have the option to send a confirmation email to the guest informing them of their updated status.

For managing multiple guests simultaneously, you can select several guests and update their statuses in bulk. This facilitates efficient handling of larger groups.

For additional information on managing multiple guests at once, refer to the article: Perform Bulk Actions.

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