Perform Bulk Actions

Modify your guests or send them emails with bulk actions

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You can perform actions across a number of guests to update or interact with your guests in bulk. To do so, first you would have to select multiple guests.

Web App

Select Multiple Guests

  1. Hover over a guest’s avatar. It will change into a checkbox.

  2. Select the checkbox for one or more guests.

  3. Select which action you want to perform on the right.

Select All

Select the guest options menu, to the right of the search bar and click Select All.

iOS App

To perform a bulk action on the iOS app:

  1. Tap the More button, then tap either Select Multiple to select some guests in the list, or tap Select All to select all guests in the list.

  2. Tap the guests to select/deselect them.

  3. Tap the Action button to display a menu.

  4. Select which action you want to perform.

Here are the type of bulk actions you can perform:

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