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Customizing the Guest Portal Style
Customizing the Guest Portal Style
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Create a unique and branded experience for your guests by customizing the Guest Portal. Our flexible design options allow you to align the portal's appearance with your event's branding, both before and after the event.

Key Components and Customization Options

The Guest Portal is composed of several essential sections. Refer to the screenshot below to view the main components and their respective subcomponents, all of which are customizable to suit your event's specific needs.

Color Theme

Customize the color scheme of the Guest Portal to match your event's theme. You have the option to select from predefined color themes or set your own custom colors. Areas you can customize include:

  • Primary Color

  • Top Navigation Bar Background Color

  • Top Navigation Bar Text Color

  • Page Background Color

Changes can be previewed in real time within the Preview section.

Page Branding

Page branding encompasses various elements including logos and headers positioned at both the top and bottom of the Guest Portal. This ensures a uniform branding presence across all pages throughout the event.

Page Logo

Upload a custom logo (preferably a transparent PNG) to appear on all Guest Portal and confirmation pages. Ideal dimensions are 320 x 132 pixels, supporting PNG and JPG formats up to 1 MB.

Page Header

Comprises three sections

  1. Title: Set immediately below the page logo, typically displaying your organization's name or department.

  2. Navigation: Displays the event and form names, enhancing user navigation.

  3. Guest Menu: A subtle dropdown menu offering guests shortcuts to edit their profiles and email subscription preferences.

Diobox Branding

Includes a “Powered by Diobox” logo and link in the footer. This section can only be modified if you have a Corporate subscription or above.

Event Branding

Customize the top of all registration forms and confirmation pages with your event's branding elements. This includes:

Event Image

Upload a branded image or logo.

Event Title

Override the event name for a custom title in your event header. This field is also used in the email confirmations that are sent to guests.

Date, Time and Location

Personalize the text displaying your event's date and location. Note that changes here are purely cosmetic and do not alter the actual event details.


By default, a map link generated using your event's address is included, linking to Google Maps. You have the option to manually change this link to suit your preferences.

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