Send CCs to Multiple Email Addresses

How to send email invitations to everyone affiliated with a guest so that multiple people can receive the same invite and RSVP.

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This feature allows you send a copy of the same invitation or email message to multiple people that are affiliated with a guest. For example, if a guest has an assistant, a manager, a publicist, or a support team, you'd be able to CC everyone on the email so that all people associated with that guest can receive the same message and take action on behalf of the guest.

Please note this feature requires a Corporate Subscription. To learn more about our subscription plans, see:

Adding Multiple Email Addresses For Guests

The first step is to add the associated email addresses under your guests. You can do this manually or in bulk during the import process:

a) Add Email Addresses Manually

You can edit a guest profile and add additional email fields. From the guest page, enter the "Edit Guest" mode and add a field with an "Email" type. You can add any custom label for every field you create.

For more information, see Editing Guests.

b) Import Multiple Email Addresses

You can add multiple email addresses for each guest in bulk during the import process. In your CSV file, create a new column and add the secondary email addresses in that column. You can also create multiple email columns, such as: "Assistant Email", "Manager Email", etc.

When you start the import process, you will be able to map these columns as custom fields with an "Email" type.

For more information, see Importing Custom Fields.

Enabling "Send CC" Feature

Once you ensure that all right email addresses are added under the guest, you can enable this feature when you are building your email. On the Recipients page, find Sending Options in the sidebar.

You can also enable this feature by going to your Settings: Email Notifications, and scrolling down to the CC Email Addresses on the Guest Profile section.

This is a global setting that applies to all outgoing guest emails in your event.

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