Simultaneous Account Login & Check-In

What happens when more than 1 user logins at the same time with the same credentials

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With Diobox, multiple team members using the web, iPhone, and iPad apps can simultaneously access an event and perform tasks like checking in guests, sending emails, printing badges, and updating a seating chart. All data is synced in real-time across all devices (unless offline), so all team members can track the overall progress.

Note: If you login to more than 1 device with the same account credentials and try to check-in simultaneously, after a certain amount of usage, the older device will get logged out or the check-ins may stop syncing.

The behavior will be the same when your total simultaneous logins exceeds your total license available in your subscription plan.

You should always login to each device with a unique team member account. There are many benefits for using different team members for the check-in process, including the ability to restrict access. For example, you can use our "Door Staff" permission role which only allows that user to check-in guests, while hiding personal guest information, like emails and phone numbers.

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