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Synchronization and Offline Mode
Synchronization and Offline Mode

Real-time sync and Offline Mode

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Diobox automatically keeps all of your event information in sync. Even if you don't have an Internet connection, you can continue to use the app through Offline Mode.

When online, as changes happen in your event, all team members (on web and iOS) immediately receive the changes. Even changes made offline on your iPad or iPhone are automatically synced when your device goes back online and the event is opened.

View Sync Status

Devices are synced automatically while you have your event opened in the app, or when you next load your event.

You can view the sync status of your event at any time in Event Tools. The Sync item displays if your device is online and synced with the Diobox server.

To view additional details, tap Sync in Event Tools. The Sync view provides additional information on the event's sync status. If the device is currently offline, the time of the last sync is displayed.

Offline Mode

If an Internet connection is not available on your event day, you can enable Offline Mode before your event. Offline Mode enables you to download all event and guest data in advance so you have complete information. (The only information not downloaded are guest profile images.)

Note: Offline Mode does not change the operation of normal event syncing. If your device is online, it will sync regardless of the Offline Mode setting.

To turn Offline Mode on/off, open Event Tools, then select Offline Mode.

To enable Offline Mode, turn the Offline Mode toggle to on. The status of the downloading of your event data is displayed at the bottom.

Alternately, to disable Offline Mode, turn the Offline Mode toggle to off. If event data was previous downloaded, the date of the of last download is displayed.

When your event is over, re-connect to the Internet, open your event in Diobox, and all event data will sync to the Diobox server and become available across all other of your team members' devices when they next open the event.

iOS Syncing Troubleshooting

If you are not seeing changes made on one device appear on other devices, it's likely that a device was offline temporarily and has not been able to sync all of its changes to the Diobox server yet.

For syncing to happen, your device must be online and have the event open. Syncing does not happen in real-time on the iOS app if the app is not opened and the event is not opened; however, the app will re-sync the next time the app is opened to your event.

If you made changes while your device is offline, when you are online again, you will need to open the event in the app on your device and allow the sync to complete. You can always view the status of the sync to be sure it has completed.

If you've made a lot of changes on one device and haven't opened the event for a while on another device, it can take about 10-60 seconds for all of the new changes to appear.

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