Managing Team Members

User permissions for events and account

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Diobox offers permission levels for individual events and for your account, providing an easy way to control what each member can see and do.

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Account Permissions

There are two account level permission settings:

Account Admin

Provides access to all events, account settings, and team management.

Create New Events

Allows team member to create new events on their own.

Event Permissions

If you are inviting a team member to a specific event, you can choose between five roles, which determines what they can do.

Event Administrator

Access complete event features and manage team

Guest Manager

Create and edits guests, guest lists and tables.

Door Operator

Check-in guests, view guest activity and add new activity.

Door Staff

Check-in only without access to guest emails and phone

Website Administrator

Full access to website content and settings.
No access to guest data.

Invite a Team Member

Inviting a team member requires a Diobox Subscription. The size of your event team is determined by your plan.

To invite your a team member, go to your Event Settings and select Team. Then, click on + Invite Member.

Enter the email address, select Account Access, and Event Access for the team member. Then, click Send Invite.

If you check, Account Admin, the user will have access to all events, so it will not be necessary to set up event-specific permissions.

Change Team Member Access

Once a team member has been invited to your account, you can control which events the team member has access to, and the access level for each of those events.

You can manage each event's permissions for your team members in two places:

1. Account Team Member Settings

The Account Team Member Settings shows you all of your users, regardless of the event(s) they are invited to.

Click any team member to see all the events they can access and change their account or event-specific permissions.

2. Event Team Member Settings

In Event Team Member Settings, you find and edit a list of all the account's team members and their role.

From either view, to change the access level for a team member, click on their Edit button, select the new role in the modal, then click the Save button.

Delete a Team Member

If a team member should no longer have access to your account, an Account Admin can remove the team member from your account.

Click the Account Menu button, and the click Account.

Select Team Members on the left navigation, then click the Delete button of the team member you want to remove.

Permission Grid

Here are the built-in permission roles and how they correspond to specific tasks within Diobox.

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