Deleting Guests

Remove guests from your event

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You can remove 1 or more guests from your event. The removed guests will no longer appear in any Guest List within the event.

Note: Removed guests will continue to be available through your contacts database. This enables you to track guest’s history across all events and add guests from past events. If you want to permanently delete guests from the contact database, see delete orphan contacts below.

Remove a single guest

To delete a single guest, in the Guest Profile view, tap the Options button and then select Remove from Event.

Remove multiple guests in bulk

You can delete a group of guests or all guests from an event, should you want to return to a blank state.

First, select the guests you want to edit. Refer to Performing Bulk Actions to learn how to select multiple guests or to select all guests.

Then, on the Bulk Actions list, select Remove From Event.

Delete orphan contacts

Diobox automatically stores your guests in a unified contacts database so that they can be added in future events, giving you the ability to track their activity across events.

This means if you use the “Remove” feature, they are removed from that event but will still remain in the contacts database. However, if you have contacts that are not associated with any events (for example if they were added by mistake), you can use this feature to permanently delete them.

Proceeding with this process will not delete any guest present at an event.

Note: This feature is currently in beta. Contact us using the built-in messenger inside the app to request it.

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