Adding Guests from Past Events

Add guests from past events to your current event

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When adding a guest, as you type a guest name, Diobox automatically searches past events and suggests names from your master contacts database. This way, you save time by not having to re-enter all the guest information, and at the same time, you build a history for that guest.

Step 1: Open your event and from the Event Menu select New Guest

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Step 2: Begin typing the guest name

Begin typing the name of the guest you wish to add (either the first or last name, or both). As you type, guests matching the name from other events in your Diobox account are shown.ย 

To add a guest from a past event, click the Add button next to its name.

If you see Listed, that means the guest has already been added to the event.

If those are not the right matches, you can still click Quick Add to add the guest manually.

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