Guest Confirmation Status

View and update your guest's status

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Each guest in Diobox has a Confirmation Status of:

  • Unconfirmed

  • Confirmed

  • Waitlisted

  • Declined

These confirmation statuses always correspond with a color which are shown around the guest avatar or photo. That way, you always know the guest status in the list before even selecting the guest.

The confirmation status can be updated in the following ways:

  • Your guest confirms an RSVP through a Diobox Email Invitation (automatic)

  • Your guest places a ticket order through Diobox (automatic)

  • Use the "Status" column in your Import CSV File

  • Perform a Bulk Action to update multiple guest statuses in a single step

  • Manually change the guest status on the guest profile (see below)

To manually edit a guest’s Confirmation Status:

  1. Select the guest

  2. Click the Confirmation Status on their profile.

  3. Select Unconfirmed, Confirmed, or Declined from the dropdown.

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