Setting up the Guest Portal
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The Guest Portal is an integral part of the Diobox Registration Forms that acts as a centralized hub for attendee interactions, encompassing registration pages and email communications. It is designed to streamline the attendee experience by housing all necessary forms in one accessible location.

Guest Portal URL

Each event is assigned a unique Guest Portal URL, which serves as the gateway to the Portal, specifically to the Form and Ticket Lister page. This link is prominently displayed at the top of every page within the Guest Portal.

Currently, this link cannot be changed.

Guest Actions within the Portal

The primary function of the Guest Portal is to facilitate the filling out, submission, and editing of registration forms by guests. Modifications to the forms themselves can be made in the Forms section of the platform.

Here is what the guest can do outside the specific form functionality:

Modifying Registrations

Guests have the ability to edit their registrations and personal profiles (including name and email address) after submitting a form or purchasing a ticket.

Deferred Guest Registrations

This feature is particularly useful when multiple guests are being registered or tickets are being purchased simultaneously. It allows the primary registrant to enter only their information initially, which completes the registration process. Subsequently, an email with registration links for additional guests or tickets is sent out, which can be completed at a later stage.

Google reCAPTCHA

To prevent automated bots from misusing the registration process, Google reCAPTCHA verification is included by default with free ticket orders. This verification confirms that a human is completing each registration form. Although it is possible to temporarily disable this feature if it disrupts onsite registrations, we strongly recommend keeping it enabled to protect against bot interference.

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