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Diobox offers a specialized RSVP Form tailored for private, invite-only events, seamlessly integrated with email invitations. This system enhances the security and exclusivity of your event by generating a unique, non-transferrable RSVP link for each invited guest.

The guest experience during the RSVP process

Upon receiving an invitation, guests are directed to click on their own RSVP form via a unique link, where they can confirm or decline attendance. This process ensures that only the invited guest can register, preventing the link from being shared.

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This document provides detailed instructions on how to:

Create a New Waitlist Form

To create a new registration form, navigate to the Forms tab and click the '+' icon at the upper-right corner of the page.

Choose RSVP from the list.

Set Form Availability & Attributes

You can control the following attributes on your RSVP Form:

  • Name and Description: The form name and description will appear on the confirmation page.

  • Closing Time: Specify when the form closes. By default, the form will close at the start of your event. Leave this field blank if you wish the form to remain open indefinitely.

Customizing Your Form

With the Diobox Form Builder, customize your form to enhance both aesthetics and functionality. Add custom questions and content to enrich the user experience during the registration process.

For further details, refer to the article: Customizing Your Form.

Show Additional Registration Fields

Although our RSVP forms primarily require invitees to simply accept or decline the invitation, you have the flexibility to include additional registration fields. This feature is useful for gathering more detailed information about attendees, such as their company and job title, beyond just their name and email.

To show additional fields on your RSVP form, click at the top of the form interface and then select the desired fields from the right sidebar. This adjustment allows you to customize the data you collect to better suit the specifics of your event.

Allow Guests to Manage Their Plus-Ones

You can allow your guests to register their plus-ones, an option particularly advantageous for private events where registration isn't open to the public. This feature allows select guests to bring additional attendees, enhancing the personalization of your event.

The plus-ones management feature operates in two distinct modes:

  1. New Plus-Ones: Guests without existing plus-ones can register new ones, up to a specified limit that you determine.

  2. Editing Existing Plus-Ones: Guests with already assigned plus-ones can edit their own plus-one details. This is beneficial if you wish to individually assign plus-ones to guests, before sending out the invitation.

To enable this feature, access the RSVP Form Builder and enable the "Allow Guests to Manage Their Plus-Ones" toggle. Here, you can also specify the maximum number of plus-ones each guest is allowed to register. This setting ensures you maintain control over the total number of participants at your event.

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