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You can sell tickets on Diobox through a secure and straightforward checkout process.

Once you create your first ticket form and connect your payment gateway, you can immediately begin processing payments and selling tickets.

The guest experience during the ticket checkout process

Tickets can be purchased via the Diobox Event Web Page, through the built-in POS (Point of Sale) feature available on the iOS app, or by embedding ticket forms on your third-party website. Below, you will find an example of a Diobox Ticket Form.

After a successful purchase, guests will receive an email containing their confirmation receipt. This email includes detailed ticket information, a summary of their purchase, and additional details such as an optional QR code. This ensures that all necessary event information is readily accessible to the guests.

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This document provides detailed instructions on how to:

Create a New Ticket

To create a new ticket, navigate to the Forms tab and click the '+' icon at the upper-right corner of the page.

Choose Ticket from the list.

Set Ticket Availability & Attributes

Manage various ticket attributes as follows:

  • Name and Description: These will be displayed on the Guest Portal, form listing pages, and the receipt.

  • Visibility: By default, all tickets are public. They appear on the Guest Portal and in the form listing page. To make a ticket private, adjust the visibility field accordingly so it's accessible only through a direct link.

  • Closing Time: Specify when the ticket closes. By default, the ticket will close at the start of your event and will show a “Sale Ended” message on the registration form. Leave this field blank if you wish the ticket to remain open indefinitely.

  • Quantity: Set the total number of tickets available for purchase (for this specific ticket type). When this limit is reached, the status will update to "Sold Out." If you prefer not to set a limit, leave this field blank to offer an unlimited number of tickets.

  • Max per Order: Set a limit on the number of tickets a guest can purchase in a single transaction. This limit can range from 1 to 10 tickets. The default setting is 10, and with Deferred Guest Registrations enabled, guests can quickly buy multiple tickets without needing to complete all order details at the time of the purchase.

These settings can be adjusted at any time, even after sales have commenced.

Set the Ticket Price

When adjusting ticket attributes, you can find two different pricing options:

  • Regular Pricing: A fixed price determined by you, the event organizer.

  • Variable Pricing: A variable price that allows invitees to choose their payment amount, commonly used for donations or charitable contributions.

Distribute and Sell Tickets

Once a ticket form is created and the payment gateway connected, you can use the Diobox's built-in email builder to distribute tickets effectively. You have several options to facilitate ticket sales:

Publish ticket on the Diobox Web Page

Use the Diobox platform to sell tickets online. This is the easiest option allowing potential guests to purchase tickets through a dedicated event page hosted by Diobox.

Share the ticket link

Distribute ticket links directly to specific individuals or share on external platforms.

Sell using the Point of Sale (POS) feature on the iOS app

The Diobox iOS app turns your iPhone or iPad into a Point of Sale station, allowing you to process credit cards and send email receipts on-site in realtime.

Embed the ticket form on your own website

To maintain a cohesive user experience, you can embed Diobox ticket forms directly onto your third-party website. This integration allows attendees to register and purchase tickets without needing to navigate away from your site.

Guest Payment Options

The payment process is designed to be seamless for guests, offering multiple secure payment options:

Credit Card

To safeguard against fraudulent transactions, we require the card security code, country, and postal code. This form also supports the 3D Secure protocol, which may ask customers to verify their identity with their card issuer through an additional layer of authentication during payment.


Link is a fast-checkout solution. It securely saves and autofills customer address and payment details, with support for various payment methods. Customers can save their payment details on the checkout page of a different business—Link saves and autofills the information on any site where Link’s enabled.

If your customer wants to make changes to their account, view their purchase history, or reach out to the Link customer support team, have them visit link.com.

Apple Pay and Google Pay

Apple Pay and Google Pay payments are accepted, providing additional convenience and security.

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