Understanding Diobox Seating
Updated over a week ago

You can create a visual representation of each of your tables without the need to draw the entire floor plan. Create tables to match the shape and capacity at your venue. Assign seats to guests and their plus-ones. You can also share a printer-friendly version of each table and seat arrangement with external stakeholders in preparation for your event. Our Seating functionality enables you to record the exact seating arrangements that meet your events’ specifications.

Go to Seating in the left hand navigation to view a breakdown of tables in your event and list of guests with an indication of their seat assignment.

Assign guests to seats by dragging and dropping (select, hold, and move with your mouse) them from the list.

You can also assign guests and placeholders to seats by selecting Edit Seats from the table's caret dropdown. This is also where you can create a waitlist for the table.

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