Previewing & Sharing Ticket Links
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Upon creation, you’ll have the option to preview the ticket - public or private - in a new tab, which is the same link you can share directly with guests for purchase.

You can also preview all public tickets through the website vanity URL then select your registration button if enabled.

Depending on the ticket status (On Sale, Disabled, Ended), the form will appear differently to a guest with the link to register.

Ticket Status

Each ticket has a status - On Sale, Disabled, or Ended - which impacts how it can be previewed by your team members or accessed by guests.

On Sale tickets can be previewed and their link can be shared externally for registration.

Disabled tickets never appear to a guest; if a guest has the direct link, they can access the form but will see copy indicating there is no ticket available.

Tickets with a status of Ended appear on the ticket registration form but are disabled and show as “Sale Ended.” These are tickets that have reached their quantity limit or sale end date.

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