Resend Emails to Additional Guests
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Once you design an email, you can send it in bulk to all or segments of your guests through the Email Builder. Additionally, you have options to resend that email to additional guests, described in this article:

Send to One Guest

To resend an existing email to a specific guest, find the guest, click the Options dropdown, and select Send Email.

You will be presented with all of your emails, including drafts and sent emails. Select the email you want to resend, and then click Send Email.

Send to Multiple Guests

To resend an existing email to multiple guests, you need to select the guests you want to send it to first:

1a. Select All Guests

If you want to send the email to all guests (or all guests within a specific guest list), click the options icon next to the search field to find the Select All option.

Then, select Send Email and choose the campaign you want to resend.

1b. Select Some Guests

You can also specify selective guests to send them the email.

  • Web App: Hover your mouse over the guest’s avatar to select the ones you want.

  • iOS App: Tap and hold on a guest to reveal the selection checkboxes. Then, choose the guests you want to include.

To learn


  • If a guest is unsubscribed from emails and they are selected, no email will be delivered to them. You must resubscribe the guest before your emails can be delivered to them again.

  • To learn more, see article Perform Bulk Actions.

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