Setting Up a New Email
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This article guides you through creating a new email in five key steps, covering how to build, design, and send your email successfully.

Choose a Template

To start , go to the Emails page and then select + Email at the top right corner.

You will see various email templates grouped into four categories:

  • Emails with RSVP Tracking

  • Registrations & Ticketing

  • Basic Emails

  • Confirmations & Reminders

Templates that require registrations (groups 1 and 2) automatically connect to the appropriate form. You can set the form on the template here or update it later by modifying the Action Button in your email.

Templates are starting points and can be further customized. After selecting a template, you will enter the Email Builder mode, guiding you through the email creation process.

Set Up Email

On this page, configure the basic email headers.

Email Name

This internal title won't be visible to your guests. Use it to resend the email to individual guests from both the Web App and the iOS App.

Subject Line

Keep it descriptive yet concise for the best results.

Sender Name

The name your recipients will see first. It can be a human name (e.g., John Smith), a department name (e.g., Bright Media Events), or a combination (e.g., John from Bright Media).

Sender Email

For Corporate Subscription users, you can use your custom domain to send emails from any address within your corporate domain. Learn how you can add Custom Email Domains.

For other plans, emails will be sent from [email protected]. You can select a "reply-to" address to ensure replies are delivered to the correct email. To add a new "reply-to" address, invite a new team member and have them verify their email address.

Select Recipients

Choose who will receive your email. Options include:

  • Confirmation Status: Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Waitlisted, and Declined

  • Custom Segments: Create criteria using custom rules

  • Arrival Status: Checked in, Not checked in

  • Guest Lists: Any of your guest lists

  • Seating: Any table or row

Send Email CCs

If a guest has multiple email addresses on their profile, you can CC all associated emails, such as those of an assistant, manager, or support team.

Design and Customize Content

Diobox offers a powerful block-based email editor which allows to create beautiful custom emails quickly. This editor uses different types of content blocks to generate your email message.

Each template starts with a series of editable blocks. To add a new block, drag and drop it onto the email contents.

Review and Send

The final step in the email builder process involves reviewing your email before sending it out:

  • Review Header Information: Verify the Subject Line, Sender Name, and Sender Email.

  • Recipient Count: Check the total number of recipients based on guests with valid emails who have not unsubscribed.

Send test emails to ensure the email appears as expected. You can send a single test email at a time.

This page also shows any form integrations, with options to preview or edit your form. When ready, click the Send All button.

An alert will confirm if you want to send all emails. Once you click Send Now, emails are queued and typically sent within a few minutes. Note that you cannot stop email sending after clicking Send Now.

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