Cloning Events

Duplicate an event and copy all guests, tables, ticket types, and settings

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You can clone an event to quickly set up a new one with the same guests and similar structure. When you clone an event, the following details are copied:

  • All guests are copied with an "Unconfirmed" Confirmation Status.

  • All tables and rows are copied with the same guest seat assignments

  • All forms and Ticket Types are copied, but no ticket orders are placed

  • The website is copied but will be unpublished

  • All events settings are copied, including Email Notifications, Check-In Locations, and Team Members

Note: Only Event Owners and Admins can clone events. See Managing Team Members for more details on permissions.

Web App

Open the event that you wish to clone and select Event Settings. Then, in the General tab, click the Clone Event button at the bottom of the page.

iOS App

Open the Event Tools tab, scroll down, and select Event Settings.

iOS Shortcut for Cloning an Event

On the iOS app, you can also clone an event through the Events page. Tap and hold the event to show the actions menu, and select Clone.

Once you click Clone Event, the cloning process will immediately begin and will complete depending on the size of the event (typically it takes a few minutes). You can then find the cloned event in your main Events page with "(clone)" appended to its name.

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