Guest Activities help you track your interactions with the guest before, during, and after your event. Some activities are automatically created and some others can be added manually.

You can find Guest Activities, right below the guest profile fields. Each activity is stamped with the date and time.

Collectively, these activities help you learn more about your guests and their behavior over time. You can always find all guest activities across all your events by opening the Guest History.

Automatically-Tracked Activities

Tracking Manual Activities

You can add one or more activities to a guest's profile in order to track your interactions with them before, during, and after the events.

The following types of activities can be added to each guest:

  • Note

  • Package

  • Travel

  • Accommodation

  • Rating

To add an activity:

  1. Select Add Activity from the Guest Options dropdown then choose which activity to add.

  2. Enter any relevant information for each activity.

  3. Press Save.

Types of Manual Guest Activities


Insert a note each time you interact with a guest. Mark these notes with a type and date of resolution.


Manually add invitations that were not sent electronically, like paper invitations sent via postal mail.


Track guest arrival and departure details to manage transportation arrangements.


Add where and for how long your guest plans on staying.


Rank your guests based on your own standards using our internal rating system – only for the event organizer’s team.

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