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Creating Tickets

Understanding Ticket Types, Pricing, and More

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You can create one or more tickets in order to sell access to your event. You can view all tickets and create new ones from Ticketing.

The Ticketing list appears in alphabetical order by ticket name and includes the count of tickets sold, out of the maximum quantity allowed. The infinity symbol means there is no maximum quantity (the tickets cannot sell out). The color of tickets sold matches the ticket status - On Sale, Ended, or Disabled, explained further down.

To create a ticket, select + Ticket.

Once you save your ticket, you can preview and interact with the form a guest would see. You can also edit any of the same fields through Ticket Options after creation.

Name & Description

Enter the Name and Description for the ticket. Both will appear on the ticket registration form and give the guest an idea of what event they are purchasing access to.

Ticket Type

Select your ticket type - public or private.

You can create one or more public and private tickets for your event. Your guests can purchase public tickets through your published website or directly through their ticketing URLs. You can share a private link with guests who should receive a discount or different offer from publicly available tickets. Private tickets are not available on the public ticket registration form.

Ticket Pricing

Specify Regular Pricing or Variable/Donation to determine the type of purchase allowed. Regular priced tickets have a fixed cost set by you.

Variable/Donation tickets have no set cost, but a guest can choose to pay or donate an amount of their choosing.

You can use either type to create a free ticket ($0); however, only Variable/Donation enables your guests to pay an optional amount.

Ticket Availability

Specify ticket availability: the quantity of available tickets to purchase, the max number of tickets a single guest can purchase, and how long tickets are on sale for.

Quantity is the maximum number of tickets available to purchase in total. The ticket field will disable on the registration form if the quantity has been reached and show “Sold Out.” You can also leave this field blank to sell an unlimited number.

You can limit the number of tickets an individual guest can buy to between 1 and 10 under Max per order.

You can also indicate a date that sales should close (On sale until), at which point the ticket would disable and read “Sale Ended” on the registration form. Leave this field blank to never close sales.

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