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Guest Groups and Plus-Ones Overview
Guest Groups and Plus-Ones Overview

Learn how to group guests together and create plus-ones

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The Guest Group feature allows you to link guests and their plus-ones to help you manage them together. This feature indents the secondary guest(s) under the main guest to visually distinguish their hierarchy. Groups can be used throughout the product, including on guest lists, check-in, and seating modules.

Every guest inside a group is a regular guest so they have the same attributes.

You can link new or existing guests together and modify guest groups.

This article describes different ways you can use Guest Groups throughout the product:

To learn about plus-one registrations, see:

Identify Guest Groups

Groups of guests are easy to identify in two different ways:

When viewing the default All Guests page, Guest Groups are stacked together. The primary guest remains on top and all the secondary guest(s) are stacked underneath.

In every other view, like Guest Lists or search results, you can notice guests within a group based on their blue labels that appear next to their name.

Add Guests to a Group

To create a group, open the guest profile and click the Group dropdown.

There are 2 ways to add a new guest

  • Link Existing Guest: allows you select an existing guest to place under the main guest.

  • Create New Plus-One: prompts you to create a new guest under the main guest.

Remove a Guest from a Group

To remove a guest, select that guest, click the Group dropdown, and click Unlink.

When you unlink a guest from a group, that guest becomes a regular guest at the event.

Check In Plus-Ones in a Group

You can check in plus-ones or any guest within a group normally like any other guest. To learn more, see Guest Check-In Overview and Features.

There is a shortcut that allows you to check-in one or all guests within a group together, without having to load every guest.

The check-in controls in the bottom of the guest profile page includes a button that shows all guests in the group.

You can click on any guest to check them in. There is also an option to check in all guests (or the remaining ones) by a single click.

Assign Seats to Guests in a Group

You can can assign guests in groups similarly to how you would assign regular guests.

To learn more, see the Tables & Seating Charts section.

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