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Automated Email Responders and Confirmation Receipts
Automated Email Responders and Confirmation Receipts

Learn about Diobox's automated email responders, including types, components, customization options, and how to disable them.

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By default, Diobox automatically sends a confirmation email to anyone who registers for your event through any of the forms.

This article covers the following topics:

Different Types of Automated Emails Diobox Sends

Diobox sends various types of automated email messages tailored for specific form functionalities. These emails ensure that your guests instantly receive their confirmation upon successful registration without any additional effort on your part. The emails mirror the confirmation pages available in the Guest Portal, maintaining consistent and familiar messaging for your guests.

Example of an Automated RSVP Email

If a user is registering multiple guests or purchasing more than one ticket, a summary email is also sent, which includes links to all the guest confirmation pages.

Components of the Automated Email Message

The automated email includes the following components:

  • Calendar invite

  • Event header

  • Form name

  • Guest details and confirmation status

  • QR Code (if guest is confirmed)

  • Seating information (if available)

  • Link to the Guest Portal

  • Responses to any questions

Customizing the Automated Email Settings

You can change or translate the contents of the automated email, but the layout cannot be altered to ensure guests receive the correct information.

To change the email headers (event title, sender name, sender email) and add a custom message to the email:

Go to the Guest Portal: Email Responders.

You can also show or hide components within the email, including the event date, calendar invite, seating info, QR code, and Apple Wallet.

Disabling the Automated Email

If you prefer to create custom emails and manually send them to guests at any time, you can disable the automated email feature.

To disable the automated email:

  1. Go to your Guest Portal: Email Responders.

  2. Select "Do not send confirmation emails."

By disabling this feature, your guests won't receive any automated messages upon registration, allowing you to manage communications through custom emails.

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