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Understanding the Guest Portal
Understanding the Guest Portal
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The Guest Portal is an integral feature within our event management platform, designed to enhance attendee engagement through streamlined interactions. It serves as a hub for managing registration processes and communication, ensuring a smooth experience for your event participants.

Functionalities of Guest Portal

Form and Ticket Listing

The primary function (and the entry point) of the Guest Portal is to display all available public registration forms and tickets. It allows invitees to select and access the forms or tickets they need for event participation.

Registration Process

The Guest Portal supports various registration pathways to accommodate different guest preferences:

  1. Public registrations via the Form and Ticket Listing page

  2. Direct access to specific registration forms

  3. Private RSVP forms via email invitations

Receipts and Confirmation Pages

Following registration, guests are directed to a confirmation page. This page serves as a receipt and provides all relevant details regarding their registration and event information.

Guest Activity Listing

Once registered, guests can view a page detailing their interactions with the event. This includes:

  • All emails received from the event organizers

  • All forms they have filled out or received through email invitations

This helps consolidate all the guest communication in a single page.

This activity log is linked from the Smart Reminder feature, enabling guests to revisit previous communications and complete any necessary actions.

Guest Profile Management

Guests have the capability to edit their profiles after registering, through an option available in a subtle dropdown menu on the upper-right corner of the confirmation page.

Settings for this feature can be adjusted under Guest Portal: General: Guest Action in the Diobox app.

Email Notifications Preferences

Guests can adjust their email notification settings, including the option to unsubscribe, through links provided at the bottom of email invitations and within the dropdown menu on the confirmation page.

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