Customizing Your Form
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The Diobox Form Builder enables you to customize your forms in numerous ways. Designed to streamline information collection, it ensures a consistent and pleasant experience for your guests, facilitating an easy and efficient registration process.

This document will outline how to:

Using the Form Builder

To begin customizing your form, select the form you wish to modify and click the Edit button. This will open the Form Builder interface.

Control Registration Fields

The Registration Fields correspond to the main guest fields that can be incorporated into any of your forms.

The fields include:

  • Name (always required)

  • Email Address (always required)

  • Phone Number

  • Company

  • Title

  • Address (broken down into: Street, City, State, Postal Code, and Country)

You can make any of these fields as mandatory based on your event's requirements.

Add Custom Questions

Enhance your form by adding custom questions, which allow you to gather more specific information from your guests. You can create a set of questions and attach them to any form within the same event. This feature not only streamlines data collection but also enables you to analyze responses across multiple forms.

To add a question, hover over the desired section of the form and click the '+' button. You will then see a list of options, including adding a new question or attaching existing ones from your event database.

The types of questions you can add include:

  • Single Answer

  • Multiple Answer

  • Dropdown Menu

  • Single Line Text

  • Paragraph Text

  • Terms and Conditions

  • File Upload

Include Additional Content

Our Form Builder also allows you to enrich your forms with additional content, such as text blocks and images, which can enhance the visual appeal and provide more context to your attendees.

Simply hover over the section where you want to add content and select the appropriate type from the '+' menu. Content blocks can be edited and rearranged by dragging them to the desired position within the form.

The following screenshot shows a registration form with a custom image, text blocks, as as well as custom questions.

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