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Assigning Guests to Seats Using Drag-and-Drop
Assigning Guests to Seats Using Drag-and-Drop

Drag guests from a list directly to seats in any table

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The Diobox web and iPad apps provide an easy way to quickly assign your guests to seats. In Seating, you can drag guests from a list directly to a table's seat to make assignments. You can also change a guest's seating assignment by dragging the guest to another seat (in the same or a different table).

Dragging Guests from the List Column

Note: Due to screen space, the guest list column inside the Seating tab is only available on the Diobox web app and iPad app (not on the iPhone app).

In Seating, find the guest in the list on the left side of the view. Guests who already have seat assignments have a gray background and show the table and seat to which they are assigned.

Select a guest from the list column and drag it to the table's seat to make an assignment.

On the iPad app, you select the guest by performing a long-press on a guest without lifting your finger, dragging the guest to a table's seat, and then lifting your finger.

If a guest is already at that seat, they are removed from the table.

Moving Guests Across Tables

With the iOS app, you can also move a guest from one table to another or within the same table.

Select a guest at a seat (tap-and-hold on iOS) and drag it to another seat.

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