Ticketing Registration Forms

How to customize, publish, and distribute a guest registration form using Diobox Tickets

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Diobox provides a Ticketing module with features that support different types of events requirements. This enables both free registrations as well as paid tickets.

There are 3 steps for publishing a ticket registration form:

Step 1: Customize Your Registration Form

The registration form has 4 main sections that can be customized. You can simply click on each section to customize it.

Registration Header

The Registration Header is shown at the top of the registration form and every ticket.

  • Image: You can customize your form with a square image, like your company's logo. The recommended image size is 200x200 pixels.

  • Title: You can override the event title for a custom title on your registration form. This is also the title that appears on your event website, if you have one published.

  • Date & Location: The date and location that appear on your registration form are tied to your Event Settings.

Registration Fields

The Registration Fields correspond to the main guest fields that you can include on your form to be filled out.

Here are the fields:

  • Name (always required)

  • Email Address (always required)

  • Phone Number

  • Company

  • Title

  • Address (broken down into: Street, City, State, Postal Code, and Country)

You have the option to make of these fields as required.

Custom Questions

You can add custom questions to the registration form to capture any other information from the guest.

To add a new question, click the + Question button on the top-right of the page.

If you have multiple custom questions, click the Edit Order button to rearrange questions, by dragging them to a new position.

To edit or delete a question, click on the question for editing options.

There are 6 different questions types to select:

  • Single Answer

  • Multiple Question

  • Dropdown Menu

  • Single Line Text

  • Paragraph Text

  • Text Block (not actually a question, but a block of text that can provide additional explanation for the previous or next question)

Registration Button

At the bottom of the registration form is a submit button. You cannot reorder or remove it from the form, but you can change its color.

Note: The button text automatically adjusts based on type of ticket that is being ordered:

  • For free tickets, the button text is: Register

  • For paid tickets, the button text is: Purchase

Step 2: Create a Ticket

You need at least 1 ticket for the registration form to work.

To create your first ticket, go to the "Tickets" tab click + Create Ticket.

Free Registration

To allow guests to register for free, use a generic ticket name like "General Admission" or "RSVP" and keep the ticket price $0.00.

Selling Tickets

To charge guests for ticket, enter the ticket price. To learn more, refer to the Selling Tickets Help Section.

Step 3: Distribute Your Ticket

Once you've created your ticket, your guests can place their orders and register for your event in 3 different ways:

Share Ticket Link

Each ticket you create has a unique link. The simplest way to start using your registration form is by sharing this ticket link.

To find your ticket link, select a ticket and find the Ticket Link.

Publish Website

Diobox provides a tool for building a customized website and including an integrated program guide with speaker profiles and an event agenda.

The website includes a button that displays your tickets so that users can view all available public tickets and place their orders (whether they are free or paid).

To learn more, refer to the Event Website Article.

Embed Ticket Registration Externally

If you want to add the ticket registration capability onto your own website, use the Embed feature, which allows you to integrate the Diobox ticketing and registration process on any 3rd party web page. This means your guests will have a streamlined experience of registering for your event without leaving your site.

To start, select your ticket and click Embed.

Then, follow the instructions and copy two snippets of code into your page html to enable this functionality.

With support for both free and paid tickets, the registration is mobile-friendly and is processed on Diobox’s secure backend platform.

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