Private RSVP Forms

Creating and managing Private RSVP Forms

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Aside from the registration forms that are part of the Ticketing feature, Diobox also provides the ability to create blank RSVP forms that anyone can use to register for your event.

These RSVP forms are hosted privately with their own URL and can also be used as a separate questionnaire to collect different answers from different groups of guests.

This article describes the following topics:

Create a Private RSVP Form

Navigate to the Forms tab, select Private RSVP Forms on the top navigation, and click + Private RSVP Form on the upper-right side of the page.

When you click the + Private RSVP Form button, a new form will be created and opened for editing and customization.

Customize Your Private RSVP Form

After you create or edit a Private RSVP Form, you'll be using the RSVP Builder which allows you customize your form. The settings on the RSVP Builder are located on the right sidebar. Each section has a toggle that can enable/disable that component on the RSVP page.

Here are the ways you can customize your Private RSVP Form:

Upload a Header Image

You can upload and place any image on the top of your RSVP page. Simply, click the Upload button and select any image in JPG or PNG format. If your image does not take the entire width of the form, you can change its alignment.

Edit Page Title & Details

Enter any title and description you want for your RSVP page.

Include a Map Link

By default, a Google Maps link will be enabled so that your guests can click through and view your event location. The link is automatically generated based on the venue address in your Event Settings.

Enable Plus-Ones

If you want to allow your guests to bring additional guests, you can enable plus-one registrations. You can set a limit of up to 9 plus-one registrations for each guest.

When enabled, this feature allows your guests to specify the number of the plus-ones they want to bring (based on your limit) and register them by entering their names and email addresses. Upon completing the registration, both the guest and their plus-ones will receive a confirmation email.

To learn more about how plus-ones work, see:

Add Custom Questions

You can add custom questions to the registration form to capture any other information from the guest.

To add a new question, click the + Add Custom Question button on the bottom of the page.

The Private RSVP Page supports 7 different questions types of custom questions:

  • Single Answer

  • Multiple Question

  • Dropdown Menu

  • Single Line Text

  • Paragraph Text

  • Text Block (not actually a question, but a block of text that can provide additional explanation for the previous or next question)

  • File Upload

Publish Your Private RSVP Form

States of Each RSVP Form

Each RSVP Page has its own link. The links may be formatted differently depending on the state of the RSVP Form.

Here are the 3 different states of the Private RSVP Forms:

  • Published: In published state, the RSVP form is live and stores all registration details.

  • Draft: the RSVP form has a preview link separate from the live link which does not store any data.

  • Closed: When the RSVP Closing Time passes.

RSVP Closing Time

The RSVP Closing Time allows you to specify at what time will form be closed for registration.

Publish and Draft RSVP States

Each RSVP Form can remain in a "Published" state or a "Draft" state.

Private RSVP Form Options

Click on the Options dropbox menu to the right of each RSVP Page to find what you can do with them.

Publish and Unpublish RSVP Pages

You can change the status of your Private RSVP. An Unpublished page means that it's in Draft mode.

Edit RSVP Form

Enter the RSVP Builder mode to customize your form.

Edit RSVP Name

This title is for internal use and won't be visible to your guests.

Export List

Export a list of every guests who registered using that RSVP Form. When you select this option, a CSV file will be generated and emailed to the active user.


Create a copy of another Private RSVP Form to replicate its settings and clone its custom questions (if any). When you duplicate a form, the guests on thr initial form will not be copied.


You can permanently delete any Private RSVP Form. Deleting a form will not change the guests (or the guest responses) who used that form to register.

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