Manually Send QR Codes to Guests

Sharing Smart Reminders & Confirmation pages

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By default, the QR codes are automatically generated and sent to the guest when they order a ticket or confirm an RSVP, so there is no configuration or setup. All the QR codes are included in the emails with a link for the guest to print them.

However, if the guest doesn't have any tickets or RSVPs (for example, if you used another product for guest registration), you can still manually generate and distribute QR codes for them.

Prerequisite Step

Ensure that the Guest Confirmation status is set to Confirmed. This can be done manually or in bulk.

Once the guest statuses are set to Confirmed, then you have 3 options for distributing QR Codes:

Option 1

Share the Confirmation Page

For each guest, Diobox hosts a Confirmation Page which includes their details as well as their unique QR Code. You can find this link by selecting the guest, clicking the Options menu, and selecting the View Guest Confirmation Page. The page will then open in a new tab, where you can copy this URL link and share it with the guest.

Option 2

Send a Smart Reminder

A Smart Reminder is an email that you can easily send to 1 or more guests with their confirmation details. It includes event information, guest confirmation status, QR Code (if guest is "Confirmed") and a custom message.

Send a Smart Reminder to a Single Guest

Step 1. Select a guest and click the Options menu. Then, select the Send Smart Reminder option.

Step 2. Customize the Smart Reminder by editing the subject or specifying which sections should appear (refer to your Event Settings). When you are ready, click "Send Email."

Send Smart Reminders to a Multiple Guests in Bulk

Step 1. On the web app, you can select multiple guests by hovering your mouse over the guest avatar, which will reveal a checkmark. Click 1 or more guest checkmarks or click select all to select every guest in the active list.

On the iOS app, click and hold a guest for the app to enter the guest multi-select mode. Then you can click multiple guests to select them.

Step 2: When the right list of guests is selected, click the "Send Smart Reminder" to bring up the modal and send the email.

Option 3

Build Custom Email with QR Block

The Diobox Email Builder offers a modern block-based editor. That means, you can design your own custom emails and add a QR Code block. The QR Code block will be generated uniquely for each guest and will allow them to use it for their check-in.

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