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Checking In Guests Using Multiple Devices
Checking In Guests Using Multiple Devices

Managing check-ins with multiple team members and locations

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You can use multiple devices simultaneously to manage check-ins. This is especially helpful if you expect many guests to arrive at key times and you want to provide several check-in areas to facilitate a speedy check-in experience for your guests.

All devices are synced in real time, so if a guest is checked in on one device, it will show on all other devices as well (as long as those devices are connected to the Internet). This provides the event organizer the ability to monitor all guests. This feature also prevents fraudulent check-ins and it works with the QR Scanner as well. For example, when a QR code is scanned more than once (even at a different station), an intelligent alert prompts your door staff with actions to take.

Check your Subscription Plan to determine the number of Team Members (licenses) it supports. Each Team Member can be logged into 1 device at a time to check-in guests. You cannot login with the same credentials across multiple accounts.

One Login Per Device

If you log in to more than 1 device with the same account and try to check-in simultaneously, after certain usage, the older device will get logged out or the check-ins may stop syncing.

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