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Learning Event Menus and Controls

Diobox Navigation

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Navigation on the Web App

The Account Menu is the single navigation accessible throughout the Web App. It's located on the top-left of the screen, and it's divided into 2 main areas:

Your Company's Account

  • Events: returns to the your main event list

  • Account: allows you to update your account details, manage subscriptions, and billing information

Active User

  • Profile: for changing your name, email, password, and photo (click your name or avatar to edit)

  • Switch Account: for creating a new account or switching between them (if you have multiple accounts)

  • Message Us: to chat with our support team

  • Sign Out: to log out of Diobox

Navigation on the iOS App

The iOS app also includes an Account Menu on the top-left which accessible throughout app. The icon for this menu is your account logo (or the account initials, if you haven't uploaded a logo yet).

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